browser autofill

Many people find filling up forms to be a tedious process, especially if they have to enter the same information over and over again across different forms. In today’s time, almost every registration process entails e-application. With that, the browser autofill feature has been a convenient addition to modern day browsers.

Difference Between Autofill Profiles And Form Field Autofilling

You should not confuse browser autofill profiles with form field autofilling. The difference between the two is that form field autofilling is where a user fills a form field one at a time with data previously entered in those fields. Browser autofill profiles, on the other hand, fills an entire form with just one click.

Although autofill profiles make filling forms easy and fast, this feature may also pose a security risk. In this day and age where the internet has become a facilitator as well as a necessity, we share a lot of personal information which includes financial data which could be at risk from prying eyes. One thing to remember when using autofill profiles, always ensure that you don’t save your password. Learn more on how to secure your passwords to avoid having them compromised.

Why You Need To Disable Your Browser Autofill Feature

What most users don’t know is that the autofill feature is not as secure as they think. Browsers save a lot of information ranging from names, telephone numbers, addresses and even financial information which leave users vulnerable to a breach of privacy. The autofill feature not only reveals the information you see but, it also fills in information for invisible fields which means you end up revealing more information than you think. Hackers and other cyber criminals have found ways they can get information from autofill features to gain access to sensitive data. One way to prevent hackers from gaining access to your information is by using a proxy server especially when connecting to the Internet via public Wi-Fi networks.

How Do You Turn Off The Autofill Feature?

Sensitive information is stored in the internet browsers, the most popular ones being Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera just to mention a few. This is how you turn off the autofill feature on some of the popular web browsers.

  • Chrome: On the top right corner of your browser window, you will see the three-dot menu. Click on it and go the settings tab. Scroll down the new window to get to the “Show advanced settings”. Once here, scroll down to “Password and forms” and disable the autofill feature by unchecking the tab “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click”.
  • Microsoft Edge: To disable the autofill feature in Microsoft Edge, find the three–dot menu located at the top right corner of the browser and click on it. Find the “Settings” tab and click on “Show advanced settings”. Once here, you will see a “Save form entries” which you need to uncheck.
  • Opera: Under “Settings” you will find a “Privacy and security” tab which you should then scroll down from there to find “Autofill”. To disable the autofill feature, uncheck the “enable auto-filling of forms on web pages”.
  • Safari: On the Safari browser, you can head to the “Preferences” where you select the “Autofill”. This will provide a list of currently saved information and you can select which information you don’t want to be used and uncheck.