Understanding Anonymity Levels For Proxies

anonymity levels proxies

A proxy server will allow you to surf the Internet or access websites with a degree of anonymity as the website (or the Internet at large) will not know your IP address. This is due to the fact that the proxy server acts as an intermediary between you and the…

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Private Proxies Can Help You Perform These Tasks Better

private proxies perform tasks

Even though private proxies are tailored for business and marketing purposes, there are many ways it can help you perform different tasks. These tasks include: Social Media Reach Based on your profession, you can purchase private proxies for different social media platforms. For instance, if you are a blogger, you…

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Web Data Extraction Made Safer With Private Proxies

private proxies

There are many different ways to obtain data from the Internet. In fact, marketers use data scraping all the time to obtain relevant information. Due to the vast amount of data available and the sheer painstaking work it would take to collect it manually, there are an array of data…

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How Are Proxies Different From VPNs?

proxies different vpns

The Internet is awash with botnets and ransomware, all designed to compromise your privacy and security. It therefore makes perfect sense to take precautionary measures so as to stay safe anytime you’re online.  That is where virtual private networks and proxies come into the picture. But what do they do?…

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Disaster Recovery Best Practices With Proxies


With downtime being a major factor behind loss of productivity and reputation, organizations have realized that disaster recovery and continuity planning are critical to success. Proper planning, testing and reviewing are very important for successful disaster recovery. Determine The Risk Appetite When talking about risk, each business is different. While…

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