How Private Proxies Can Aid Your SEO Efforts

Private Proxies

Proxies act as middlemen for connections between the Internet and computers. Basically, there are two types of proxies: private and public. Public proxies are easily accessible and oftentimes they are free. On the other hand, private proxies are paid for, but in return they offer more benefits and also enhance…

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Understanding Timeout Errors When Using Proxies


Nothing can be as annoying as getting a timeout error when accessing an application or a web page. It can all happen for inexplicable reasons. Basically, timeout errors can occur when the relation between the web server, web application, and the client gets complicated. When you access an application or…

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Situations Where Private Proxy Servers Become Useful

private proxy servers

Proxy servers have taken security and privacy to new levels, as they allow you to surf the internet, without any fear of detection, thus introducing a host of merits and demerits. One can securely browse through the websites or perform business privately. Proxy servers are a good choice for anyone…

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Knowing The Difference Between A Datacenter Proxy And A Residential Proxy

datacenter proxy residential proxy

By using proxies to undertake your Internet surfing, or research, you are in effect disguising your fingerprint, giving some anonymity to your whereabouts. Why is that? Well let’s have a look at the differences between residential proxy and datacenter proxy and find out. Residential Proxies Everyone’s residential proxy is unique…

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Know The Difference Between A Load Balancer And Reverse Proxy Server

load balancer reverse proxy server

Load balancers and reverse proxy servers are elements in a server-client computing architecture. They act as intermediary in communication between the servers and clients, executing functions that boost efficiency. How Are They Defined? A Load Balancer allocates incoming client requests among a server group, reverting the response from the server…

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