Using Two-Factor Authentication For Better Protection

two factor authentication

Today, passwords alone are not enough to protect your precious accounts. It is not wise to ignore the capabilities of two-factor authentication with hackers on the rise. If you wish to keep your accounts safe from snoopers and hackers, it's time to learn more about 2FA. Let's find out more!…

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The Impact Of Edward Snowden On The World

impact of Edward Snowden on the world

In June 2013, American citizen Edward Snowden gave a journalist from The Guardian leaked documents from the National Security Agency that pertained to domestic spying that would reverberate worldwide. The revelation by the newspaper as they disclosed thousands of classified documents showed how the USA utilized a clandestine surveillance program…

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How To Stay Safe On Instagram

stay safe on Instagram

Today, there is no doubt that social media plays a significant role in our everyday lives. Approximately 7 out of 10 Americans are on social platforms to connect with their family and friends, share and search for interesting content, and entertain themselves. Most of us know that it is important…

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Essential Tips To Safeguard Your Online Privacy

online privacy

As more people use the internet for business and pleasure, the issue of privacy is becoming ever more poignant. Corporations and governments want as much information as possible on web users so they can better track, trace, sell to, and persuade the public, while individuals want as much privacy as…

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How To Prevent Pixel Trackers In Your Emails

stop pixel trackers in your email

Many people don’t realize that when they receive an email and open it, this makes it possible for the person who sent the email to know when you opened it, and even your location. A growing number of marketing firms are using bits of code in their emails called pixel…

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