Top Tips To Maintaining Phone Privacy

phone privacy

Are you concerned about the security of your personal information? Most people own smartphones but they do not really know that their personal information is not always safe from prying eyes. The websites you visit using your phone may need you to disclose your information in order to collect data…

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How To Survive In The Era Of Post-Privacy Internet

post-privacy Internet

Do you know that thanks to the U.S Congress, ISPs and providers are now allowed to sell personal data? If this is the case, how can you maintain your online privacy? To those who still think they have any browsing dignity, now they don’t. For people who take their internet…

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No More Weak Passwords For You!

no more weak passwords

There are many ways to protect one's privacy on the Internet, and one of them involves the individual using strong passwords. They are considered as the seatbelts of the cyber security world. Yes, it is true that there is a wide variety of security tools out there, but they can…

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Can You Protect Your Online Life While Traveling?

protect online life while traveling

People traveling via airplanes and trains often find themselves with a few hours to kill at the airport or metro station before they can continue their commute. Many of us use this time to get on the internet to be updated on current affairs or connect with friends through social…

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Privacy Matters – Enough Said!

privacy matters - get a proxy

With the ever growing number of users and websites mushrooming overnight it is crucial to understand the importance of privacy. More to the point, your personal or company privacy. One method of protection is to implement an effective proxy service which will go a long way to protecting privacy as…

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