How Can Windows 10 Users Increase Privacy?

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which is widely used across the globe. Part of the reason for this popularity is the fact that Windows 10 is very effective at adapting to their users' needs and preferences and then delivering tailored experiences. Applications such as the virtual…

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What You Need To Know About Private Browsing

private browsing

Private browsing can also be referred to as browsing anonymously. The question does arise, however, "Just how anonymous is anonymous browsing?" Is it really as private and anonymous as it's cracked up to be? There are a number of ways to combat the uncertainty of privacy when surfing the Internet.…

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Want To Stop Google from Tracking Your Android Devices?

stop google tracking android

You go to a restaurant or shopping at the store. When you arrive home, you get a message on your phone saying "Hey, we noticed you were at (fill in the blank). Tell us about your visit." How uber-creepy is that? Your phone knows where you just were. And, more…

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Top Tips for Protecting Privacy On Social Media

protecting privacy social media

Protecting privacy on social media is a major concern for many individuals in this day and age of Internet buying, bidding, browsing, battling (online games), and more. Issues with Social Networking More and more, Internet users are receiving alerts that warn them of a "possible breach" and advising them to…

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Is Internet Privacy An Illusion?

Internet privacy

It has been argued time and again that privacy is a fundamental right. But as strong as this argument sounds, it is without a doubt a subject that raises eyebrows as far as its accuracy is concerned. That’s because Internet privacy as a fundamental right is drenched in skepticism. Is…

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