What You Need To Know About Internet Cookies

Internet cookies

You may have heard a lot about Internet cookies, so what are they? In a nutshell, they are pockets of information saved to your mobile, laptop or pc when you visit a website. This sounds innocuous enough so why all the fuss? Cookies track your behavior, browsing habits and retain…

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Have You Understood Internet Privacy Wrongly?

internet privacy

Given the amount of data we see and share online on a daily basis, we can always presume it is hard to maintain that level of privacy that we have always wanted while surfing the net. This fact, as well as the existence of cybercriminals, makes things even harder for…

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5 Countries That Enforced Internet Censorship

internet censorship

The economic structure of liberal countries and the Internet infrastructure functions in a manner that censorship is almost improbable to implement. You will come to know that these 5 countries that have enforced internet censorship are missing some key elements. Russia The Russian Internet Restriction Bill enforced internet censorship in…

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Turn Your Laziness Into A Strength When It Comes To Improving Internet Privacy

Internet privacy

Life is hectic, and we spend much of it online, flitting from one site to another, devouring information and social commentary just as quickly as we digest food. However, did you know that every site you access, you can leave a footprint of your activity? Many people are unaware of…

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Your Internet Traffic May Be Monitored By Your Internet Service Provider!

internet traffic

Your Internet Service Provider can potentially see all your information, if you don’t encrypt your traffic. This can be a sensitive issue as your confidential data can be compromised, due to technical vulnerability, and it can result in loss of private information. Let us break down what is visible to…

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