Is The Internet Browser You Are Using Safe?

Internet Browser safe

The internet browser is one of the most utilized applications on a mobile device or computer. Most mobile device users rely on the internet to conduct online businesses, do their research and also get the latest news from different websites. Today, most people using the internet are looking for the…

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When Should You Review And Update Your IT Policies?

IT policies

Information Technology is the key driver in any business. Modern businesses operate out of computers and Internet. Proper usage of IT allows businesses to unlock competitive advantages, ensure data confidentiality, protect against cyber threats, as well as improve efficiency and transparency. Hence, clear IT policies need to be created to…

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Network Gateways Vs. Routers

network gateways routers

Network gateways join a couple of networks, so the devices on one can communicate with the other. Access to internet is not possible without gateways. It can be implemented completely in hardware, software or a combination of both. Related capabilities include with it are proxy servers and firewalls. The function…

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How Do Firewalls Work To Protect Computers And Networks?


A firewall is a piece of software or hardware that helps in preventing malicious attacks from entering a network through internet. The name comes from the real-life protection, preventing fire from going beyond a certain point. After the first known internet worm, the Morris Worm, the widespread use of firewalls…

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What You Need To Know About COBIT


Running a business in a world that is almost entirely digitized is not easy. You must have a myriad of IT solutions to stay competitive. That is exactly where COBIT comes into the picture.  To fully understand what it is or even what it stands for, it is important to…

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