How To Maximize Cloud Utilization Without Overspending

cloud utilization

As business enterprises are looking for ways to optimize IT infrastructure, cloud spending has continually risen. Given the many advantages of a hybrid cloud or cloud-based model, it’s not a surprise that many businesses are switching to this technology. One of the biggest benefits of moving is to save costs…

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What Major Issues Are Affecting CIOs Today?


CIOs have a hard time dealing with data and the stress of saving costs, while also enduring to stay lively as they face problems with contractor and the underlying challenges of shifting services and data to the cloud. New threats keep emerging that require a progressive response. In addition to…

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How NFV And SDN Are Reinventing Networking

NFV and SDN for networking

Today's networking world is not the same as before. Hence, those who specialize in network matters should start tapping into programming, automation, NFV, and SDN to stay current. If you are not prepared to move into a realm where a distant move away from physical devices exist, it is pertinent…

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IoT Trends Predicted For 2018

IOT trends for 2018

Progressive companies looking to prosper need to research, understand and implement IoT trends that are relative to their business sector. By including such trends in your business strategy. it will help you to be vigilant and stay one step ahead of the competition. The Trillion Sensor Network Society The realities…

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Learn How To Spot Fake News On The Internet!

how to identify fake news

Since the inception of the internet, most people rely on getting information and news online which has proven to be very convenient. However, there has been a rise of fake news websites on the Internet where particular groups of people use fake news to increase traffic on their websites. It…

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