What Is Green Information Technology?

green information technology

So much of our global energy is now being spent on internet technology, with the majority of our industrial, business and personal work slowly being shifted online and onto electronic devices. As this IT-focused trend simply looks to be on the rise, especially with the Internet of Things being steadily…

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2019 IoT Security Issues That Require Your Attention

2019 IoT security issues

Access to data from billions of connected devices offers a business edge that is often too much for companies to resist, with more and more businesses being formed on this very premise of data collection. What does this mean for enterprises in 2019? They will be increasingly connected to the…

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What You Need To Know About Information Security Policies

information security policies

The purpose of a policy is to serve as an implementation roadmap, offer guidance for key decision makers, shape behavior, and codify guiding principles. When it comes to information security policies, they often serve as directives that define how an organization should protect its information systems, information assets, ensure compliance…

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Understanding The Science Behind Content Filters

content filters

Computers at work are installed for the purpose of completing tasks assigned to employees. However, due to boredom, drowsiness, or lack of focus, workers tend to do unnecessary things on their computers. Some of these are browsing through social media sites, downloading unsafe files, interacting with online communities, and even…

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Why You Should Avoid Data Without Context

data without context

Data is critical to decision making in the new world of Information Technology. As it is, the real currency of the modern age is information. This means that data, from which we derive information, has become the driving force of commerce. Yet there is a big assumption that is being…

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