Are You An Easy Target For Cyber Attacks?

cyber attacks easy target

Self-employed individuals and small businesses (businesses with less than 1,000 employees on average) are often major targets for cybercriminals. As a victim of a cyber attack, the financial implications can be crippling. No one can afford to have the mindset, "It will never happen to me." In fact, it can…

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Learn How To Respond To A Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack

When a serious incident like a cyber-attack strikes, the primary objective for the organization is to get back to normal business with little disorder in their daily operations. The tips below will help you fully assess the incident and prevent the attackers from continuing their suspicious activities. Be Ready Any…

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What C-Level Executives Should Know About Spear Phishing

spear phishing

Pretexting and phishing constitute 93% and 98% of data breaches respectively. Recently, there has been quite a surge in spear phishing attacks against CEOs. It’s a kind of an attack where the attacker impersonates a trustworthy person or creates a fake narrative, in order to get their hands on confidential…

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What You Need To Know About Whaling Attacks

whaling attacks

A whaling attack is a kind of spear-phishing attack, with bigger targets. Whale attackers are more specific about the person they are looking to target. It can be an influencer or a high level executive or just anyone at an esteemed position. The criminals can impersonate a senior manager in…

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Top Tips To Maintaining Cyber Security For Frequent Business Travelers

cyber security

Information is valuable. Whether that is your own personal data, or business data and that is why billions is spent every year enhancing and developing cyber security. You may be familiar with the security when working from your own country, but when you start to travel to other countries, then…

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