protect online life while traveling

People traveling via airplanes and trains often find themselves with a few hours to kill at the airport or metro station before they can continue their commute. Many of us use this time to get on the internet to be updated on current affairs or connect with friends through social media. It is unfortunate that most people neglect their online privacy and they end up falling victims to cyber crimes. We have outlined a few easy-to-do steps on how you can protect your privacy and secure your online life while on the go.

Only Use Encrypted Network Connections

One way to make sure that you are safe when browsing online is by visiting encrypted websites only. Encrypted websites use HTTPS and they prevent cyber criminals from peeking what you are viewing on your browser. You can tell a website is safe when it has a green icon on the top left corner indicating “Secure”.

Use Private Proxies

The best way to guarantee your online life security is by using proxies. Proxies help to hide your identity and make it hard for cyber criminals to get into contact with your personal information. There have been several cases of people who have accessed fake sites set up by cyber criminals only to have their identity stolen. Proxies help you to easily identify fake websites and help you steer clear of these fake websites to avoid cyber theft. Proxies also protect your device from malware attacks like viruses. Make sure that you buy private proxies for your device from a reputable company to guarantee your online privacy.

Avoid Saving Your Passwords Online

Avoid saving your passwords online at any cost. Hackers and cyber criminals have a way of getting past cyber security features to get information from your device. To prevent unauthorized access to your private accounts, you can turn on a two-step authentication to get notifications on your phone when someone else tries to login into your online accounts.

Use Private Browsing

Every modern browser has updated their functions to keep your data and search history somewhat secret. For example, Firefox has tracking protection and private browsing which minimizes the ability of cyber criminals from tracking your activities across many sites. The function erases all history every time after every search. You can employ such functions to keep your online life private and secure.

Turn Off Devices When Going Through Border Control

Always turn off your computer or laptop when going through border control. This means that you have to enter a password when you open the device once again which keeps your device safe. Also ensure that you remove apps you are not using. Turn off automatic updates when on WIFI and update the apps you need to improve your app’s security. You not only ensure your device’s security when you remove apps you don’t use but you also save on data and storage.

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