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Are you an Internet marketer? Are you using a random provider from which to buy your proxies? Are you trying to get decent returns from simply automating some purchased social media accounts? Has someone recommended the use of proxies? Whether you’re trying to expand the reach of your sales and promotions or trying to promote your content through the use of social media proxies, one thing is for sure – you have to be familiar with your audience.


For the Savvy Internet Marketer

Certain social media platforms are better for promoting specific niches. They are simply more suitable. On the other hand, some things can be promoted on all platforms. No matter what niche you’re in, you need a complete understanding of what kind of reach you can achieve and the power of private proxies.

What better way to get to know your audience than through a world-wide Q&A website? – An Explanation

Among the latest sweep of web apps becoming more and more popular with a certain crowd, a question and answer platform site called developed. The term now refers to a social networking site. Here, profiles can be created by users who can send questions to each other. In the beginning, this social media platform was anonymous. Questions were answered and submitted anonymously.

In 2017, achieved notoriety by becoming the world’s largest Q&A network.

Eventually, cyber bullying, content concerns, and security/safety became some relatively hot issues. Now, website protections have been put in place, interface improvements have been made, the logo changed, and more. It continues to strive to prevent further problems by constantly improving. But in an effort to improve, the decision to track users/searchers was made and restrictions added.

It remains, however, a highly valuable social media tool for online marketers. Fortunately, proxies are available alone or in packages of multiple proxies through services like Proxy Key.

Browsing the Internet? Protect Yourself!

The websites that you visit when browsing the Internet have their eye on you. They track the files you have downloaded, what pages you have visited, how many times a page was visited – basically all of your activity. To protect your online privacy, whether that means anonymously browsing or visiting other sites, you may decide to use a proxy (or more than one).

Using Social Media Proxies

Using SSL proxies as your social media proxies is the smartest move toward keeping your account secure night and day, and everything in between. In order to reach/connect to the largest audience possible, when you automate your social media accounts, doing so without buying proxies is unthinkable in this day and age.

Figure Out Where Your Promoting Needs to Be Done

As mentioned before, some things can be promoted on most any site. Others fall into certain niches and should not be promoted on any or all social media platforms. One of the first things you need to do is responsibly figure out where your promotional efforts should lie.

To promote through social media platforms, you will use a type of strategy referred to as a “content mill”. On all social media platforms, create accounts. Then, create or buy secondary accounts. Once you have proxies for the secondary accounts, connect, and automate them.

Once the connection has been made from your secondary accounts to your private proxies, you will be able to follow targeted individuals. You’ll be able to reach the largest audience possible once you have created a following of sorts and begun reposting your main accounts posts.

You can buy proxies from Proxy Key. However, if you’re looking for other proxies, we provide a number of plans and proxies for various needs and locations.