How To Keep Your Information Safe On iOS 10

ios 10 keep information safe

Apple has its fair share of amazing aspects as well as epic misses. Just take iOS 10 as an example. The iOS 10 update offers tons of cool features that were not available in previous versions. However, not all users are agreeable with the new data collection practices and usage.…

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Is It A Wise Decision To Go With Paid Proxies Instead Of Free Proxies?

paid proxies vs. free proxies

Before we get to the titular question, you need to consider the value you are trying to get from proxies. When using proxies, whether they are paid or free, you are essentially trying to ensure online anonymity. What if I tell you that free proxies do not always ensure anonymity…

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Cyber Security Trends In 2017

cyber security trends in 2017

Today, businesses of all sizes have finally embraced open source and the cloud, allowing them to become the standard for infrastructure software. Apart from their awesome benefits, they come with risks too. Cyber attacks still exist and can do more than cause failure to major datacenters. You are about to…

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How To Watch The Voice US Season 12 With A Proxy

The Voice Season 12

Are you a fan of The Voice US which is running in its 12th season? Currently, the competition is sizzling up after the singers have cleared the Battles rounds, and are heading into the hold-your-breath Knockouts round where each coach has only one steal to make sure they secure the…

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The Incognito Mode Isn’t Invincible!

incognito mode

Modern browsers these days come with the incognito mode that is touted to allow users to surf the net privately. Under Firefox, this is referred to as the Private Browsing feature. However, this should not have you thinking that your incognito windows are going to preserve your internet browsing activities…

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