The Best Locations For Using Proxies

best locations for using proxies

A proxy is often recognized as a tool that your computer or smart device uses to protect you and your information. You can think of it as a protective barrier, which allows you to view websites and acquire information from them without the website knowing who you are. Let's find…

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Quick Tips For Securing Your Password

securing your password

The importance of securing your password cannot be overstated; the consequences of not doing so can be truly devastating. The truth is that cyber criminals have developed a multitude of ways to discover passwords, and account holders often inadvertently assist them by failing to take proper precautions. How Hackers Crack…

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Smart Home Security Tips For The Savvy Homeowner

smart home security tips

Although advances in technology have made our lives more comfortable and convenient, they have also increased our vulnerability to cyber-crime. Any home which makes use of devices or appliances which connect to the web are at risk of being hacked or compromised. In fact, many of the newest televisions, computers…

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How To Prevent Pixel Trackers In Your Emails

stop pixel trackers in your email

Many people don’t realize that when they receive an email and open it, this makes it possible for the person who sent the email to know when you opened it, and even your location. A growing number of marketing firms are using bits of code in their emails called pixel…

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IP Authentication vs. Username and Password Login

IP authentication vs. username and password login

When it comes to private proxies, the proxy provider will give you at least one secure way of authentication so that you can use your paid proxy safely. This is also one of the factors you should consider when you are choosing who to get your private proxies from. Any…

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