Cyber Threat Spotlight: Jaff Ransomware

Jaff ransomware

Cyber attacks continue to grab the headlines worldwide, as threat actors use ransomware to extort money from potential victims. Previously this kind of attack could be removed from an infected computer but recent ransomware attacks have caused major issues, even for the experts. “Scareware” as it is also known, intimidates…

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The Impact Of Edward Snowden On The World

impact of Edward Snowden on the world

In June 2013, American citizen Edward Snowden gave a journalist from The Guardian leaked documents from the National Security Agency that pertained to domestic spying that would reverberate worldwide. The revelation by the newspaper as they disclosed thousands of classified documents showed how the USA utilized a clandestine surveillance program…

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The Key Differences Between Proxies And VPNs

differences between proxies and VPNs

New to proxies and VPNs? If you are not completely sure what they are or which option is better for your needs, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will break down the key differences between proxies and VPNs so that you can make an informed…

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Tricks Often Used By Social Engineering Hackers

social engineering hackers

Cyber criminals are known to employ an array of hacking techniques to steal desired data from their unsuspecting victims. These techniques cover anything from powerful software to high-tech gadgets. However, you may have missed out one technique, which is considered primitive but highly effective. It is none other than social…

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Why Do You Need To Hide Your IP Address?

why hide your IP address?

For many people, security and privacy is of the utmost importance when it comes to internet usage and as internet hackers get more clever — or you want to do things you shouldn't — then you need to know how to hide your IP address. You don't stand in the…

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