Essential Tips To Safeguard Your Online Privacy

online privacy

As more people use the internet for business and pleasure, the issue of privacy is becoming ever more poignant. Corporations and governments want as much information as possible on web users so they can better track, trace, sell to, and persuade the public, while individuals want as much privacy as…

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Are IP Checkers 100% Accurate?

IP checkers

When surfing the internet, you’ve probably noticed that many of the websites you visit seem to know your geographic location. This is the result of IP checkers, which can be used to determine which country you are currently located in. They have been the subject of conjecture, controversy and debate,…

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How To Play Minecraft Anonymously

play Minecraft anonymously

Having a hard time finding a proxy to play Minecraft anonymously? Well, you have found Proxy Key! We won’t blame you for wanting to play Minecraft at school or at work because it's a really fun and addictive game. However, many school and office environments enforce a policy of blocking…

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The Best Locations For Using Proxies

best locations for using proxies

A proxy is often recognized as a tool that your computer or smart device uses to protect you and your information. You can think of it as a protective barrier, which allows you to view websites and acquire information from them without the website knowing who you are. Let's find…

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Quick Tips For Securing Your Password

securing your password

The importance of securing your password cannot be overstated; the consequences of not doing so can be truly devastating. The truth is that cyber criminals have developed a multitude of ways to discover passwords, and account holders often inadvertently assist them by failing to take proper precautions. How Hackers Crack…

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