Find Your Match On Tinder Discreetly With A Proxy!

Tinder proxy

Perhaps you want to find a date, but prefer using a modern approach. You decide to try Tinder, so you proceed to download the app from the app store. However, you realize that it is blocked in your country. Another possible scenario is that even if Tinder is actually allowed…

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3 Ways To Keep Yourself Safe When Using Public WiFi

stay safe when using public wifi

Today, a majority of our activities is carried out online. This includes checking emails via your mobile data network, surfing the Internet on your home networks, or updating your social status on free, public WiFi at your favorite café. If you are constantly on public WiFi and find it a…

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How To Select A Private Proxy Provider

how to select private proxy provider

A private proxy is a type of server that sits between the Internet and your computer, meaning that your Internet Protocol (IP) address is hidden when you utilize a proxy. So, if you were looking at something on the web, it will recognize the IP address of your proxy and…

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How Countries Can Combat Against Cyber Security Attacks

how countries combat cyber security attacks

On 15 August 2012, Saudi Aramco (an energy company) was struck by a malware named Shamoon that stole admin credentials to spread a Disttrack wiper attack on a local network thus bypassing Aramco’s security. This caused over two weeks of irregular system availability after it infected over 30,000 computers. Another…

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Using Two-Factor Authentication For Better Protection

two factor authentication

Today, passwords alone are not enough to protect your precious accounts. It is not wise to ignore the capabilities of two-factor authentication with hackers on the rise. If you wish to keep your accounts safe from snoopers and hackers, it's time to learn more about 2FA. Let's find out more!…

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