2FA Is Good But Not Via SMS Text


As cyber-attacks continue to become more prolific, more companies are turning to two-factor authentication (2FA) to keep data safe, as it adds another dimension to information security. Several account-based services have utilized 2FA, with Facebook, Apple’s iCloud and PayPal being just a few taking this process on board. With 2FA…

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How Do You Delete Your Tinder Profile Completely?

delete Tinder profile completely

Congratulations on finding your partner, or perhaps continuous swiping left and right is driving you mad. Whatever the reason, do you know how to delete your Tinder profile and account, or are you aware of how insecure the dating app is? In the UK alone, British victims of scams on…

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Understanding An Online Data Breach

online data breach

It stands to reason that as the number of web user’s rise, so do the opportunities for those looking to breach security and steal personal or company data increase. It has never been more important to ensure that your web-surfing and electronic business activities remain secure. We will explain the…

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Browsing Unsecured HTTP Sites: Who Are You Exposing Your Data To?

unsecured HTTP sites

Are you aware that not all HTTP sites are secured? This means that your data could be exposed to man-in-the-middle attacks! To identify whether you are browsing through a secure HTTP, you will see a green lock in the browser bar that indicates “secure”. A secured HTTP site encrypts all…

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Learn How To Spot Fake News On The Internet!

how to identify fake news

Since the inception of the internet, most people rely on getting information and news online which has proven to be very convenient. However, there has been a rise of fake news websites on the Internet where particular groups of people use fake news to increase traffic on their websites. It…

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