Understanding Big Data And Its Impact On Your Company

big data

Data can be any kind of information. This includes noise, digital, sensory, pictoral, etc. Everything is recognized as data in one form or another. Big data is a large collection of information where the quantity is so large and complicated that many software applications do not have the ability to…

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Beware Of The IoT DDoS Invasion

IoT DDoS Invasion

If you thought the IoT DDoS Invasion sounds like a new alien invasion game, then you would be very wrong. It has serious consequences for businesses and individuals alike. So, what is it and what has it got to do with you? IoT stands for Internet of Things. This is…

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How To Maintain Low Latency Ping When Playing Hitman


Hitman allows loyal game fans to experience a fantasy world of assassinations. If you are looking for a creative stealth action game that involves skillfully eliminating high-profile targets, with the intelligence and skill of Agent 47 at your fingertips, Hitman is the perfect game for you! About Hitman Hitman is…

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Avoid Getting Blocked By The Net Neutrality Repeal With Private Proxy Servers

net neutrality

Net neutrality was introduced as a way of making it fair for everyone to access the Internet. It ensured that Internet service providers were unable to favor some sites over others, so all sites enjoyed the same web speed and bandwidth, regardless of how big they were. This meant that…

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How Clean Is Your Current IT State?


Evaluating and assessing your current IT state is essential for any company progressing or expanding What was necessary at one stage of your business growth may easily become outdated. There may be a real need to ensure your data is protected and encryption is a safe way to do this…

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