Want To Stop Google from Tracking Your Android Devices?

stop google tracking android

You go to a restaurant or shopping at the store. When you arrive home, you get a message on your phone saying "Hey, we noticed you were at (fill in the blank). Tell us about your visit." How uber-creepy is that? Your phone knows where you just were. And, more…

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Top Tips for Protecting Privacy On Social Media

protecting privacy social media

Protecting privacy on social media is a major concern for many individuals in this day and age of Internet buying, bidding, browsing, battling (online games), and more. Issues with Social Networking More and more, Internet users are receiving alerts that warn them of a "possible breach" and advising them to…

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Have You Been Buying Proxies the Wrong Way?

buying proxies wrong way

Buying proxies can be confusing. You may not even be aware that you need a proxy or what proxies are in this day and age of the Internet. We’re going to take a look at some of the mistakes people make when they purchase proxies. But first… back to basics.…

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Enjoy The Downloads with uTorrent Proxies

uTorrent Proxies

Are you worried that, every time you are on the Internet, your information is being stolen and your privacy invaded? With tools like uTorrent proxies, you can better protect yourself while downloading Torrent files. When you use uTorrent, you can effectively hide your identity. A third-party proxy server is used…

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What Is Green Information Technology?

green information technology

So much of our global energy is now being spent on internet technology, with the majority of our industrial, business and personal work slowly being shifted online and onto electronic devices. As this IT-focused trend simply looks to be on the rise, especially with the Internet of Things being steadily…

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