What You Need To Know About COBIT


Running a business in a world that is almost entirely digitized is not easy. You must have a myriad of IT solutions to stay competitive. That is exactly where COBIT comes into the picture.  To fully understand what it is or even what it stands for, it is important to…

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Unblock Websites Effortlessly With Yahoo Proxies

Yahoo proxies

Yahoo! is one of the top search engines in the world. In certain countries, however, they have their own preferred search engine. This means that engines such as Yahoo! may be better for English-related searches and their popularity for foreign language searches is low. By blocking Yahoo!, the government or…

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Top Causes Of Proxy Errors

proxy errors

It is frustrating to find out that the proxy settings previously set in place, timed out in the middle of the night. To your disappointment you find that a few connections burned out. Experiencing dead proxies can be frustrating and you start to wonder what you did wrong. If you…

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Take A Well-Deserved Break With Break Proxies

break proxies

You have been doing research for your academic report all day long. All you want to do now is to take a break from anything that's related to your studies. You have some time to spare, so you feel it wouldn't hurt to watch some random funny videos on the…

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Phishing And BEC Threats Are On The Rise

phishing BEC threats

The primary weapon of choice for cyber hackers is malicious email, with phishing on top of the list. The cyber criminals are utilizing social engineering to trick businesses into wiring huge amounts of money into the accounts. It’s becoming difficult to spot these attacks in the age of social connections.…

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