IoT DDoS Invasion

If you thought the IoT DDoS Invasion sounds like a new alien invasion game, then you would be very wrong. It has serious consequences for businesses and individuals alike. So, what is it and what has it got to do with you? IoT stands for Internet of Things. This is a phrase that encompasses all the many “connected” items we have today. The devices we have that are internet ready or that rely on WIFI waves to make a connection to something else. These include devices such as; mobile phones, washing machines, cameras, car key fobs, heating, etc.

Although this may seem harmless enough, all of these devices have the ability to be enabled remotely, tracked and abused by others.  Furthermore, they are all unsecured and can be accessed by attackers to create a botnet, allowing an attacker to access a computer and bombard it with useless traffic and disable or infect it. This can have the effect of also infecting a network, or other computers linked to each other. Once the computer is disabled, then access to a company’s website is assured. Downtime of a website can seriously affect a business in terms of revenue and trust.

What Can You Do To Prevent IoT DDoS Invasion?

Internet privacy is one way that you can protect yourself from a cyberattack. By using a web proxy you can ensure  your site remains safe due to the encrypted nature of the proxy, and this will ensure you or your customers do not experience any downtime. Due to the encrypted nature of the proxies you can be sure your private information and website are doubly safe.

Do The Statistics Add Up Or Is It All Hype?

Of course, there are many statistics available to help you decide whether you need to intensify your technology protection. For example:

  • Around 86% of companied believe that these types of attack will increase in the next year alone
  • 38% of companies say they have suffered a DDoS attack in the last year
  • No less than 98 countries were attacked by a DDoS in 2017
  • 35% of companies agreed that IoT were responsible for the breach in data

Once a business has suffered from a DDoS attack, you can be sure that it has beefed up its Internet security, but why wait for an attack to happen before you do that? Simple solutions can be found through proxy servers. Choosing proxy servers will not only give you peace of mind and quick internet access, but it will also ensure your data is encrypted making it more difficult for any attack to occur. This, combined with your usual high-level internet security will protect you and your business from harm.

As an individual you may think you do not require this level of protection, but just imagine what would happen if your computer was hacked. You could be without it for a long period of time until you could receive IT help. Not only that, it may be very costly to rectify. Being proactive is always better.