net neutrality

Net neutrality was introduced as a way of making it fair for everyone to access the Internet. It ensured that Internet service providers were unable to favor some sites over others, so all sites enjoyed the same web speed and bandwidth, regardless of how big they were. This meant that all sites were created equal and it was illegal for any Internet service providers to restrict or enhance some sites over others.

However, that has all changed since this has now been repealed by the Federal Communications Commission. Some companies are using this repeal to suit their own purposes. Therefore, the time has never been better for the use of private proxy servers. The use of these proxies has increased by individuals as well as businesses and we will look at the reason why.

Why Does It Matter If Net Neutrality Has Been Repealed?

Well, for some people it may not matter. However, without the net neutrality, Internet service providers can set their own rules. This means if they choose to reduce bandwidth or cap limits then they are well within their rights to do that. This would mean that you were unable to access a site once the bandwidth had been met, or it may take a long time for you to actually access a site due to the connection being slower. Furthermore, if you download or stream data, then this would take a lot more time to achieve.

You may not notice these changes at first, but eventually they will become apparent. Unfortunately, companies that resort to these kinds of tactics will try to elicit money from individuals or companies to increase their speed or bandwidth, something that was illegal under the net neutrality law. Without a net neutrality law in place, states can choose whether to set their own rules or not, so you may find some states abiding by the net neutrality, whereas others do not.

How Can Private Proxy Servers Help?

Private proxy servers are not new; they have been around for a long time, but more and more people are turning to their services, especially since the reversal of the net neutrality law. Private proxy servers work by masking or changing your IP address, which means the site you are accessing, wherever it is in the world, will not know where you are located. Additionally, private proxy servers offer unlimited bandwidth, allowing you to continue surfing without fear of loss of speed and data, and of course your speed will not be throttled. This means it makes it impossible for a country or state without any form of net neutrality to disadvantage your surfing.

How Do I know If My Speed is Being Throttled?

There are numerous websites that can tell you if your speed is being throttled. You will know your Internet speeds – if you don’t then you can check with the company you bought the service from – and if the speed does not match this then either you are being throttled by the site or there is an issue with your Internet provider. You will then be able to address this with whichever is causing the problem.