The Best Locations For Using Proxies

best locations for using proxies

A proxy is often recognized as a tool that your computer or smart device uses to protect you and your information. You can think of it as a protective barrier, which allows you to view websites and acquire information from them without the website knowing who you are. Let's find…

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How To Prevent Pixel Trackers In Your Emails

stop pixel trackers in your email

Many people don’t realize that when they receive an email and open it, this makes it possible for the person who sent the email to know when you opened it, and even your location. A growing number of marketing firms are using bits of code in their emails called pixel…

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US Senate Just Destroyed Your Internet Privacy

internet privacy

Barely one week ago, the Internet privacy protections which had been enacted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) were voted removed by the United States Senate. What’s worse, following suit right on their heels, less than 48 hours later, the House of Representatives did the same. All that’s needed now…

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How To Watch The Voice US Season 12 With A Proxy

The Voice Season 12

Are you a fan of The Voice US which is running in its 12th season? Currently, the competition is sizzling up after the singers have cleared the Battles rounds, and are heading into the hold-your-breath Knockouts round where each coach has only one steal to make sure they secure the…

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The Incognito Mode Isn’t Invincible!

incognito mode

Modern browsers these days come with the incognito mode that is touted to allow users to surf the net privately. Under Firefox, this is referred to as the Private Browsing feature. However, this should not have you thinking that your incognito windows are going to preserve your internet browsing activities…

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