Watch Out, IoT Can Kill You!

IoT can kill you

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the ability of devices to connect with the internet. Take, for instance, the smart thermostat that you have installed in your smart home that can be controlled with an app on your phone, or the printer that is WiFi ready, or your car that…

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Is It A Wise Decision To Go With Paid Proxies Instead Of Free Proxies?

paid proxies vs. free proxies

Before we get to the titular question, you need to consider the value you are trying to get from proxies. When using proxies, whether they are paid or free, you are essentially trying to ensure online anonymity. What if I tell you that free proxies do not always ensure anonymity…

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Cyber Security Trends In 2017

cyber security trends in 2017

Today, businesses of all sizes have finally embraced open source and the cloud, allowing them to become the standard for infrastructure software. Apart from their awesome benefits, they come with risks too. Cyber attacks still exist and can do more than cause failure to major datacenters. You are about to…

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