Private Proxies Can Help Secure Systems

Private Proxies

Proxies are gateways that link users to the Internet. Private proxies work as an intermediary to help clients seek data and other resources from other servers. A private proxy may be located on the computer that is requesting the data or could be located in between the client’s computer and…

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How Can Windows 10 Users Increase Privacy?

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft which is widely used across the globe. Part of the reason for this popularity is the fact that Windows 10 is very effective at adapting to their users' needs and preferences and then delivering tailored experiences. Applications such as the virtual…

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How Can SaaS Businesses Benefit from Using Proxy Servers?

Proxy Servers

Proxy servers, when referring to the role they play in cloud infrastructures, aren't what most people imagine when they hear the term proxy. In fact, the term "reverse proxy" might be more accurate because they stand in for servers on the Internet rather than hiding clients from servers. SaaS Set…

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Have You Been Buying Proxies the Wrong Way?

buying proxies wrong way

Buying proxies can be confusing. You may not even be aware that you need a proxy or what proxies are in this day and age of the Internet. We’re going to take a look at some of the mistakes people make when they purchase proxies. But first… back to basics.…

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Online Privacy Threat Is Still A Concern In 2019

online privacy threat

In an increasingly interconnected age, and with more and more enterprises jumping onto the Internet of Things bandwagon, there is so much more of our data going online than we could have imagined 20 years ago. The convenience of having data and information readily available online is of course indisputable…

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