5 Important Application Security Terms to Know

application security

As the use of the Internet grows, the number of threats that users face increases as well. With the Internet expected to drive business and lifestyle behaviors in the future, security experts expect that the number and sophistication of these online security threats will increase. Companies that rely on the…

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Great Ways to Achieve Tighter File Security

File Security

Directories or folders (files) are securable objects. They have permission or access rights controlling who can execute, delete, write, or read them at a very basic level through ACLs (access control lists). It's relatively general and pretty all-encompassing to use the term “file security”. It does, after all, cover network…

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Cloud Security Threat Prevention Best Practices

cloud security threat prevention

Believe it or not, not everyone uses the cloud these days (approximately 95% of Internet users currently use the cloud). Incredible, right? But some people are worried that, if everything goes into the cloud, where does the cloud go? Who is able to access the cloud? That's why we're going…

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Find Your Soulmate While Using MeetMe Proxies

find soulmate meetme proxies

Romance and dating are one part of everyone's life. Today, many individuals have tried out online dating. As long as misrepresentation (e.g. exaggerating about one's height, age, weight, etc.) is avoided, online dating does work! Apart from Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Wingman, and more, another popular online dating application is MeetMe.…

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Don’t Forget To Use Proxy Servers If You’re Running An Online Business

proxy servers online business

If you are running an online business, chances are you have used a specific type of proxy or may not be aware of it. Proxy servers provide the ability to work remotely securely. What is a proxy? How does it work? And how does an online business benefit from using…

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