What Is Green Information Technology?

green information technology

So much of our global energy is now being spent on internet technology, with the majority of our industrial, business and personal work slowly being shifted online and onto electronic devices. As this IT-focused trend simply looks to be on the rise, especially with the Internet of Things being steadily…

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What Happens When Proxy Servers Are Used In Kerberos Authenticated Environments?

proxy servers Kerberos Authenticated Environments

Using proxy servers is already one level more complicated than regular Internet usage. But adding a Kerberos authenticated environment into the mix just makes it even more complex. If this is something that you need to do in your organization, you may wish to know more about how it works…

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What You Need To Know About Information Security Policies

information security policies

The purpose of a policy is to serve as an implementation roadmap, offer guidance for key decision makers, shape behavior, and codify guiding principles. When it comes to information security policies, they often serve as directives that define how an organization should protect its information systems, information assets, ensure compliance…

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Understanding The Importance Of Having A Proxy-Based Architecture

proxy-based architecture

Proxy also means in place of. In the Information Technology world, proxy is a concept that is often associated with anonymous web browsing and private proxy servers. When it comes to online security, a proxy-based architecture is central to one's efforts of enforcing policies equally for all users, on all…

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Is Internet Privacy An Illusion?

Internet privacy

It has been argued time and again that privacy is a fundamental right. But as strong as this argument sounds, it is without a doubt a subject that raises eyebrows as far as its accuracy is concerned. That’s because Internet privacy as a fundamental right is drenched in skepticism. Is…

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