Which Search Engines Are Abusing Your Privacy?

search engines abuse your privacy

With the availability of modern browsers, search engines have become fully integrated into our Internet experience without a glitch. In addition, each search engine has different ways of presenting ads, setting up privacy policies, and more. However, they are not completely harmless to your privacy. Research has shown that even…

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How To Keep Your Information Safe On iOS 10

ios 10 keep information safe

Apple has its fair share of amazing aspects as well as epic misses. Just take iOS 10 as an example. The iOS 10 update offers tons of cool features that were not available in previous versions. However, not all users are agreeable with the new data collection practices and usage.…

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What Is A Proxy And Why Should I Need One?

what is a proxy?

Also termed as proxy server, a proxy is a type of server that acts as an intermediary and makes your Internet activities appear as though they had come from somewhere else. For example, you are physically located in Poland and you want to access a website that is geographically restricted…

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