Could The Global Ransomware Be Prevented?

global randomware WannaCry

On a seemingly peaceful Friday morning of May 12 2017, a ransomware attack spread like wildfire across the globe. The attack infected tens of thousands of computers and critical systems. Those affected by the attack included hospitals, UK's FedEx offices, a telecom company in Spain, and even the Russian Interior…

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Essential Tips To Safeguard Your Online Privacy

online privacy

As more people use the internet for business and pleasure, the issue of privacy is becoming ever more poignant. Corporations and governments want as much information as possible on web users so they can better track, trace, sell to, and persuade the public, while individuals want as much privacy as…

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Quick Tips For Securing Your Password

securing your password

The importance of securing your password cannot be overstated; the consequences of not doing so can be truly devastating. The truth is that cyber criminals have developed a multitude of ways to discover passwords, and account holders often inadvertently assist them by failing to take proper precautions. How Hackers Crack…

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Should You Use SOCKS5 Proxies?

socks5 proxies

Also known as Socket Secure, SOCKS is the abbreviation of said Internet protocol. It refers to the exchange of packets on a network that are being received and sent between the client and the server. SOCKS also include a proxy server as a medium for increased security. With that in…

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App Encryption May Take A Blow From Possible New Legislation In The EU

app encryption

The European Commission recently announced that Internet companies might soon be forced to allow access to encrypted and sensitive data from a variety of apps due to new laws being considered in the EU. In June, European lawmakers will push for new laws permitting law enforcement agencies to make use…

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