A Guide On Checking SSL Certificates In Browsers

SSL certificates

People seem to become more aware of the presence of SSL and anyone who knows about it expects that all websites must use it. Some others may also know whether or not a website uses SSL. Take note, however, that there is much more you should know about the details…

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How To Maximize Cloud Utilization Without Overspending

cloud utilization

As business enterprises are looking for ways to optimize IT infrastructure, cloud spending has continually risen. Given the many advantages of a hybrid cloud or cloud-based model, it’s not a surprise that many businesses are switching to this technology. One of the biggest benefits of moving is to save costs…

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Enhancing Your OkCupid Experience With Proxies


Set-ups and blind dates may be things of the past, but dating apps are here to stay. One can now open their world up to people who they would never normally get the opportunity to cross paths. OkCupid is one of the dating platforms that offer sincere and genuine joys…

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How Can Healthcare Organizations Further Protect Themselves From Cyber Attacks?

healthcare organizations

Recently, there has been increasing threats to healthcare organizations in regards to cyber attacks. These cyber breaches not only end up costing the healthcare industry millions of dollars every year but they also have adverse repercussions that affect health care. When a healthcare organization has not implemented protective measures to…

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Top Tips For Boosting SoundCloud Plays With Proxies

soundcloud plays

Upcoming musicians have to work extra hard to ensure that their music gets out to the public and get recognized. To write and create good music, artists need all the creativity and time they can get. This leaves them with less time to market their wares and sell. However, in…

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