bittorrent proxies

Bittorrenting is widely understood as the process of peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing. Since its inception, it has allowed users from around the world to download and upload gigantic files with ease. A major advantage of this technology is that it does not require a large central server to distribute files to users who need them. All you need is your computer, regardless of whether it is a MAC or PC. If you are familiar with bittorrenting, you may have asked yourself this: Can you enhance your experience? The answer is yes! It is possible when you use bittorrent proxies.

About Bittorrent

The Internet works like a digital highway. Next, there is a wide variety of ways to transport files down that highway. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the traditional method content creators use to upload media online for people to access. Alternatively, these individuals may use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In this case, the protocol transports files to your computer so that you can read the web page and see its contents on your computer.

Simply put, BitTorrent is another way of transporting files around the Internet. To use this technology, you need to download a BitTorrent client. The software is needed to accept torrent files and initiate the process of downloading the data that is inside the torrent file. In other words, the BitTorrent client helps your computer make sense of a BitTorrent file. It is like how you need Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to browse the web.

How do torrent files work? Two things: Firstly, they inform your BitTorrent client what data will be downloaded. Secondly, they tell your client where it can go to find the data. These files have the extension .torrent. Some of the content that are downloaded include photos, articles, books, games, videos, and TV shows.

Understanding the Difference Between a Seeder and a Leecher

There are two main types of Bittorrent users: Seeders and Leechers. A seeder uses his or her computer to host the complete file to share. The client breaks the seed down into many pieces and shares those pieces of data with other peers on the network. That is why bittorrenting is so fast. You are not only downloading from one person. If there are more people online, you can get the “piece” you need from the nearest person. If one person goes offline, another person who has the piece you need can send it to you. Leechers. They are easy to understand. They take more than they give, i.e. refuse to share their pieces of the complete file. They are easily identified as a “L” is featured next to their usernames.

Enjoy Safe and Fast Downloads and Uploads with Bittorrent Proxies!

In some cases, you do not want your real IP address to be displayed on the “peer” list. That is when you should use Bittorrent proxies. Here’s how to set these proxies up:

  • Step 1: Visit Proxy Key and choose U.S. when you are asked to choose a place.
  • Step 2: Pick a plan (you can go with the 1 Proxy plan) and sign up.
  • Step 3: After you have signed up, details of your proxy will be sent to you.
  • Step 4: Copy and paste the given IP address and the port number into your proxy settings.
  • Step 5: If you are unsure, you can refer to this tutorial on how to enter the settings.
  • Step 6: Once your proxy is all set up, open your Bittorrent client and enjoy downloading and uploading files with ease!