5 Android Apps To Safeguard Your Privacy & Security

In this ever-changing digital era, we carry a lot of sensitive information these days on our smart devices such as smartphones, which makes us individually prime targets for cyber-criminals. If you don’t have security apps installed on it, then it is probably wise that you do so as soon as possible before you find your personal information compromised and your bank accounts have been cleaned out. Here are some useful Android apps to safeguard your privacy.


Many of us use screen locks on our phones and if you don’t, then set it up now. Although this stops people from accessing your device when it is locked, how about when you go to pay for lunch, and your phone sits on the table? There is a multitude of situations you may find yourself in when someone else can get into your phone, so this is why it is recommended to get Applock. This works by locking apps on your phone and can be adjusted based on system preferences such as Wi-Fi settings. Your phone cannot be accessed unless the correct password is entered, or even better, with your fingerprint. What makes Applock stand out from its competitors is the capability to unlock your phone by sending a keyword by SMS, and it will even take a photo of the intruder and email it to you.

360 Security – Antivirus Protection

If you are part of the small majority that uses a laptop or desktop without an antivirus program then first you need to change that now. Of course, you should also think about your phone too. You will probably find it has as much, if not more, information on it than your laptop or desktop, so if you can, do safeguard your privacy with 360 Security. It will protect you against adware, malware and trojan horses while it also has a junk file aspect that cleans your device and frees up memory. On top of that, there is a battery saver and some anti-theft options to use.

Android Device Manager For Anti-Theft

What if you lose your phone? How will you locate it and if you cannot find it how do you wipe off all your critical and personal data? With this app, you can call your phone remotely then reset the lock screen PIN while also working out where it was last seen and at what time. If all is lost, literally, then you can erase all your data off your phone so that criminals cannot use it against you.

DuckDuckGo Search & Stories

It is pretty apparent, judging by what follows you across the internet that search engines like Google know all about you. From watching movies, booking cinema tickets to getting in touch with our friends Google knows more about you than you probably do. They collate this information to build a picture of who you are, your age, sex, location and so on then target you with ads that they believe will tempt you into making an acquisition. This is where DuckDuckGo Search & Stories comes in as it is a search engine that does not track what you are up to. It works beautifully on your phone too.

Signal Private Messenger For Private Communication

If you enjoy chatting with your friends or family on instant messaging like WhatsApp, then you will also enjoy this from Open Whisper System. Much like others in the market, you can chat in groups and so on and share media. However, Signal is open-source. You can gain access to its codebase and encryption protocols to ensure that nothing untoward is happening. Its funding model is also unique in this market as Signal Private Messenger is supported by grants and donations.