How Can Healthcare Organizations Further Protect Themselves From Cyber Attacks?

healthcare organizations

Recently, there has been increasing threats to healthcare organizations in regards to cyber attacks. These cyber breaches not only end up costing the healthcare industry millions of dollars every year but they also have adverse repercussions that affect health care. When a healthcare organization has not implemented protective measures to…

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Using Instagram Proxies To Aid Your Instagram Marketing Efforts

instagram proxies

Does your business model require you to be on Instagram for almost all the time? If you are running multiples Instagram accounts via a single IP address, you may run into the risk of getting your accounts banned. It can a real bummer if you suddenly lose that big account…

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What’s Your Organization’s Backup Strategy?

backup strategy

To keep an organization up and running, critical data needs to be backed up regularly. Every organization needs to implement an effective backup strategy to make sure everyday activities are not affected no matter what happens. In this article we are going to offer tips on how to choose local…

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