How Are Proxies Different From VPNs?

proxies different vpns

The Internet is awash with botnets and ransomware, all designed to compromise your privacy and security. It therefore makes perfect sense to take precautionary measures so as to stay safe anytime you’re online.  That is where virtual private networks and proxies come into the picture. But what do they do?…

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What C-Level Executives Should Know About Spear Phishing

spear phishing

Pretexting and phishing constitute 93% and 98% of data breaches respectively. Recently, there has been quite a surge in spear phishing attacks against CEOs. It’s a kind of an attack where the attacker impersonates a trustworthy person or creates a fake narrative, in order to get their hands on confidential…

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Unblock The LINE App With LINE Proxies

LINE proxies

Today, we rely on a wide variety of apps including KakaoTalk, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and even LINE to stay connected with our loved ones. Unfortunately, some countries block individuals from using certain messaging apps. Is it the end of the world if you get blocked? Of course not! Unblocking LINE…

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Disaster Recovery Best Practices With Proxies


With downtime being a major factor behind loss of productivity and reputation, organizations have realized that disaster recovery and continuity planning are critical to success. Proper planning, testing and reviewing are very important for successful disaster recovery. Determine The Risk Appetite When talking about risk, each business is different. While…

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What You Need To Know About Whaling Attacks

whaling attacks

A whaling attack is a kind of spear-phishing attack, with bigger targets. Whale attackers are more specific about the person they are looking to target. It can be an influencer or a high level executive or just anyone at an esteemed position. The criminals can impersonate a senior manager in…

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