Take A Well-Deserved Break With Break Proxies

break proxies

You have been doing research for your academic report all day long. All you want to do now is to take a break from anything that's related to your studies. You have some time to spare, so you feel it wouldn't hurt to watch some random funny videos on the…

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Phishing And BEC Threats Are On The Rise

phishing BEC threats

The primary weapon of choice for cyber hackers is malicious email, with phishing on top of the list. The cyber criminals are utilizing social engineering to trick businesses into wiring huge amounts of money into the accounts. It’s becoming difficult to spot these attacks in the age of social connections.…

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Enjoy The Magic Of The Internet With Imgur Proxies

imgur proxies

Imgur, one of the top 15 ranked sites in the United States, has a reach of over 250 million users every month. It is no wonder that the site and community are bustling with content, cat GIFs included. If your favorite online place of the most viral images on the…

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GraphQL: Facebook’s Open Standard For Querying Data

graphql facebook

GraphQL is the web API system of Facebook that offers a new way to define APIs. It is an efficient alternative that defines both the responses and request, permitting an application to identify what data it needs from an API. It is somewhat like SQL, where, for all your data…

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Determining The Right Amount Of Proxies For Your Application


The amount of proxies needed for a particular application depends on a number of factors. A majority of people are unaware of what proxies are and how do they function. The number entirely depends on the application, it’s current state, and for what purpose the application is being used. There…

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