How To Maximize Cloud Utilization Without Overspending

cloud utilization

As business enterprises are looking for ways to optimize IT infrastructure, cloud spending has continually risen. Given the many advantages of a hybrid cloud or cloud-based model, it’s not a surprise that many businesses are switching to this technology. One of the biggest benefits of moving is to save costs…

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What Major Issues Are Affecting CIOs Today?


CIOs have a hard time dealing with data and the stress of saving costs, while also enduring to stay lively as they face problems with contractor and the underlying challenges of shifting services and data to the cloud. New threats keep emerging that require a progressive response. In addition to…

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How To Survive In The Era Of Post-Privacy Internet

post-privacy Internet

Do you know that thanks to the U.S Congress, ISPs and providers are now allowed to sell personal data? If this is the case, how can you maintain your online privacy? To those who still think they have any browsing dignity, now they don’t. For people who take their internet…

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Enhancing Your OkCupid Experience With Proxies


Set-ups and blind dates may be things of the past, but dating apps are here to stay. One can now open their world up to people who they would never normally get the opportunity to cross paths. OkCupid is one of the dating platforms that offer sincere and genuine joys…

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Things You Can’t Do Without A Full-Proxy


Proxies have become very important in a network. They can be used for app acceleration, load balancing, caching, and app security services. They can also serve in bridging the gap between the network and those dev and ops. Remember though that since there are several providers for proxies, you have…

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