Understanding Transparent Proxies

transparent proxies

Transparent proxies are servers which rest between the internet and your computer, redirecting responses or requests free of modification. They are the opposite of non-transparent proxies, which do modify responses or requests. There are a number of reasons why someone would want to use a proxy that is transparent. Advantages…

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Are You Under Surveillance By Your Smart TV?

surveillance by smart TV

Smart technology is all the rage right now, and is being incorporated into everything from microwaves to cell phones and computers. The smart TV has become a hit among consumers due to the many features it has, not to mention the services. However, privacy advocates have raised a number of…

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Why You Should Say No To Free Proxies

say no to free proxies

Issues of privacy and censorship have prompted many internet users around the world to search for ways to access the content they want to see, read and hear, while maintaining their own anonymity in the process. One tool which is commonly used for this purpose is free proxies. However, while…

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How To Safeguard Your Customer Data

safeguard customer data

The consequences of not securing your customer data are severe. Aside from the loss of trust and goodwill among your clientele, you could also be subject to costly litigation of various penalties. As more businesses become dependent on computers and networking technology, the need for vigilance has increased accordingly. Below…

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Censorship vs. Privacy

censorship vs. privacy

Privacy and censorship have become two terms which could very well define this generation. Part of this has to do with the internet, a relatively new technology that is now accessible to billions of people across the globe. It is inevitable that as more people shop, socialize, entertain and post…

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