Understanding An Online Data Breach

online data breach

It stands to reason that as the number of web user’s rise, so do the opportunities for those looking to breach security and steal personal or company data increase. It has never been more important to ensure that your web-surfing and electronic business activities remain secure. We will explain the…

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Browsing Unsecured HTTP Sites: Who Are You Exposing Your Data To?

unsecured HTTP sites

Are you aware that not all HTTP sites are secured? This means that your data could be exposed to man-in-the-middle attacks! To identify whether you are browsing through a secure HTTP, you will see a green lock in the browser bar that indicates “secure”. A secured HTTP site encrypts all…

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Learn How To Spot Fake News On The Internet!

how to identify fake news

Since the inception of the internet, most people rely on getting information and news online which has proven to be very convenient. However, there has been a rise of fake news websites on the Internet where particular groups of people use fake news to increase traffic on their websites. It…

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Chat To Your Heart’s Fancy With Omegle Proxies!

Omegle proxies

Some of the top countries that have active Omegle users include Argentina, Italy, Indonesia, the UK, India, and the United States. Are you living in a country that blocks access to Omegle? That's a bummer, isn't it? One of the reasons why Omegle may be banned in your location is…

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Disabling Browser Autofill Feature Is A Wise Move

browser autofill

Many people find filling up forms to be a tedious process, especially if they have to enter the same information over and over again across different forms. In today's time, almost every registration process entails e-application. With that, the browser autofill feature has been a convenient addition to modern day…

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