How To Download Files Safely

download files safely

When you are required to check for hostile files coming from the Internet, you should know that it is different from scanning an email. This happens because communications are often encrypted and conducted in real time. So how can you defend against a malware infection when surfing the web? For…

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Catch Em’ All With Pokemon Go Proxies!

Pokemon Go proxies

If you are looking to get a proxy to play Pokemon Go anonymously, then you are in luck. At Proxy Key, we provide stellar private proxy solutions, like Pokemon Go proxies, that will help you bypass geolocation restrictions that prevent you from playing this fun and addictive game. What's more,…

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Could The Global Ransomware Be Prevented?

global randomware WannaCry

On a seemingly peaceful Friday morning of May 12 2017, a ransomware attack spread like wildfire across the globe. The attack infected tens of thousands of computers and critical systems. Those affected by the attack included hospitals, UK's FedEx offices, a telecom company in Spain, and even the Russian Interior…

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